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Top 5 Poorest Tribes In Nigeria (2021)

This Criteria are the best way to shows the properly rate in tribes of Nigeria National Bureau of statistics poverty rating. 






















From the table listed above the level of poverty within Nigeria state are clearly stated.

            In Nigeria, we have above 300 different tribes with three major ethnics group mainly (Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani) These Nigerian tribes exist in the 36 states in Nigeria but which among them is the poorest Nigeria tribe?

            Although no one can deny that Nigeria is a wealthy country. It is well known that the poorest Nigeria tribes and states are local area and Villages that have been dumped by the Nigerian government for ages. The main reason why these tribe are poor and are listed among the top 5 poorest tribe in Nigeria are because they lack basic amenities or public amenities, good health care centre welfare, increase in death rate etc, all which are the basic of poverty in Nigeria.

      The poorest tribe in Nigeria 2020

From the table above, the level of poverty within Nigeria state are stated. Let now view the poorest ethnic groups living in the territory of the country .

1.     IGBO: Immediately after the civil war, people of the ethnicity started to suffer. They are been neglected by their various state government, although they boast of rich business men, which are seen struggling and fighting for their right.

  The Igbo ethnics group have become one of the poorest tribe in the whole country which leads to their movement from their natives places to the west because of their lack of infrastructure and poor business environment 

2.     YORUBA: This is another pillar and great ethnicity of Nigeria. But according to research, many people claiming that the Youths in this tribe are really poor as a result of bad leaders in the region. Apart from Lagos (Centre of Excellence) the rest are restricted to modern facilities such as reads, electricity etc. though many of them are creative  and intelligent, they are forsaken and badly treated by the government.

3.     FULANI: This group mostly resides in plateau, and is well known of liable to clashes, herdsmen and terrorist attacks, which made the tribe to be among the poorest tribe in the country today. Fulani’s are not very rich, and mostly live in local area.

4.     HAUSA: Just like the case of Fulani’s, they also live in the most Buffering and dangerous state such as Sokoto, thus it is impossible to avoid poverty in such tribe.

5.     KANUFI: This are one of the biggest and larges tribe as well. They occupy almost all the suffering land in Nigeria. This fact has included them into our list.


It is well known that Nigeria is still a developing country with different challenges and various problems, such as economic and security problems.

The main reason why Nigeria have high poverty rte include corruption, ethnic clashes, economic instability, politics instability, etc. All these causes must be draw to an end so that the tide may change for tribes in Nigeria.

Among all these tribes listed above, the Fulani and Hausa speaking tribes are the poorest tribes in Nigeria even though they have wealthy businessmen and also control political power in the country.


Anonymous said...

Yet the so called Mr President will still not do anything for the youth than calling them lazy youth

Anonymous said...

It will be good if they can provide good jobs for the graduate out there, I think it will even reduce the poor/poverty level in the society

Anonymous said...

Lolz almost all Nigeria tribes are poor ni yen ooo🤣🤣🤣🤣

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